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BBC Bitesize: daily lessons

Overnight, all of the schools in the UK close down and children are being home-schooled. BBC Bitesize reacts by hosting hundreds of online lessons every day, and we need to quickly build a new experience to help students, parents and teachers navigate them.
In a word

The challenge

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Bitesize scrambled to offer online lessons that directly support the UK school curriculum.

I led on content design to shape a new user journey into something children, parents and teachers could all understand, and managed a number of reactive changes to our strategy as the nation moved in and out of lockdown.

How I approached it

  • facilitated naming and promotional copy workshops to reframe the experience as we navigated national lockdowns and school closures
  • supported editorial colleagues using the new Bitesize voice and tone documentation to create lesson content
  • developed a flexible content strategy that could allow us to react to the shifting government communications on school closures and reopenings

The result

In three weeks, we reactively created an new online experience that helped children, parents, carers and teachers navigate over 1800 lessons.

Bitesize Daily Lessons reached over 70 million views, and evolved continually as the UK moved in and out of lockdown, and schools opened and closed.

Now, the successes from Daily Lessons are used to steer Bitesize’s strategy for the future.

Where next?

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