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BBC Sport: a new onboarding journey

Research points to users wanting a more personalised BBC Sport experience, but many aren’t aware that personalisation does exist - it just requires users setting up their favourite teams, sports and people to follow. The aim of this work was to improve signposting, awareness and engagement with the app’s MySport feature.
In a word

The challenge

In all of our research, users criticised the app’s lack of personalisation. While our personalised tab, MySport, lacked engagement.

We set out to improve discoverability and interaction with the MySport features, ultimately redesigning the onboarding process to prioritise favourite sport and team selection.

How I approached it

  • mapped a new onboarding experience alongside design and product colleagues
  • developed three copy variations to A/B/C test a motivational, instructional, or balanced approach to onboarding users
  • synthesised and played back research findings, refined the most effective approach before deploying permanently

The result

We improved our sign-in rate, as well as encouraging half of our new users to select a favourite sport. New users engaged more with their MySport tab than existing users.

  • 71.5% optional sign-in rate
  • 50.8% users selected a favourite sport
  • 19.7% selected a favourite team

Where next?

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