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BBC Sport: mandatory sign-in

People have been able to use BBC apps without an account since they launched - but that was going to change. So how do you ask nearly half of all your users to sign up before they find themselves locked out of your app?
In a word

The challenge

To make our Sport app experience feel more personal and relevant, we were challenged with asking our remaining signed-out users to create an account or log in.

To do this, we had to understand why people had resisted up to now, as well as manage reputational and performance-related risks.

How I approached it

  • gathered and analysed data from previous BBC app sign-in migrations
  • defined key user groups within the cohort, as well as their potential needs and motivators
  • forecasted optimistic and pessimistic outcomes, and presented to senior stakeholders
  • developed and proposed a 7-phase content strategy to focus on key user groups

The result

Over a six week period, we reached a sign-in rate of 97% without a drop in users or app store ratings. The remaining 3% are likely to be mostly inactive users/installs.

The learnings from this content strategy are being used around the organisation to improve sign-in experiences across the BBC.

Where next?

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