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In close collaboration with a UX design trainee, we designed, developed and launched an interactive library of Figma cards to help non-writers feel more confident writing user-centred content.
In a word

The challenge

As part of mentoring our first content design trainee, I set the brief to design a way to bring content design thinking to non-content designers across the department. I continued to work in close collaboration with our trainee and oversaw the delivery of the project in its later stages.

How I approached it

  • led a series of stakeholder interviews with colleagues across the department, helping our trainee to feel confident enough to conduct more interviews on their own
  • set up twice-weekly catch-ups as well as providing adhoc support for our trainee while they worked through the content design process
  • facilitated research synthesis and ideation sessions
  • helped converge and narrow down the ideas
  • collaborated with our trainee to design, develop and write the content for 5 decks of cards
  • defined the release strategy for the cards and continue to iterate and maintain on them today
  • built a feedback mechanism within Figma to gather vital qualitative data

The result

We launched the content design cards as a Figma and FigJam library during a studio day (a day where all of our UX department come together to share work and collaborate), and have since recorded over 1000 instances of the cards across our Figma team.

Our trainee has since been promoted a junior position, and I continue to support them as their line manager.

Where next?

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