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Online mortgage calculators

The Co-operative Bank
In order to help more people understand and apply for mortgages online, we designed and launched a dynamic mortgage calculator, with a link to directly apply, to replace 100+ individual mortgage product pages.
In a word

The challenge

To design and develop dynamic calculators to help existing mortgage customers view and understand mortgage products that are relevant to their situation, before applying online.

As a result, we could reduce processing time and simplify the online mortgage experience for users and colleagues.

How I approached it

  • embedded myself within the mortgages product team to learn the nuance and complexity of mortgages
  • worked closely with legal teams to make sure all the content was compliant
  • crafted a repeatable content hierarchy and pattern system to accommodate 100+ product pages and variants
  • designed a scalable input and error messaging matrix in collaboration with the developer

The result

We reduced the time it takes for a customer to switch their mortgage with the bank from two weeks to three days, and removed 40 calls/month into the bank’s contact centre.

After this, we quickly ported the calculators to the Bank’s mortgage broker-facing website: Platform.

Where next?

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