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In order to develop my design and development skills, and learn Figma, I created an online portfolio for my landscape and outdoor photography.
In a word

The challenge

I wrote, designed and built my own online portfolio and print shop to attract clients and support my photography business.

It’s a passion project, really. But working on my own blog, website, portfolio and designing the service around it broadened my skillset and helps me collaborate effectively with other design disciplines, as well as developers.

How I approached it

  • in my time at Argos, I was mentored by (and mentored) a senior developer and learned basic HTML and CSS
  • I learned basic wireframing in Balsamiq, before learning how to design basic websites in Figma
  • I built a basic wordpress template and front-end, meaning I could easily add image galleries and and blog posts using consistent templates, and from anywhere

The result

I reach about 1000 users each month through organic search, and have attracted a small number of repeat clients through my site.

I have a fairly good understanding of HTML, CSS, JS and WordPress languages. I’m pretty good with Sketch and Figma. And it’s great practice for my UX Writing.

Where next?

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