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Unified pitching and commissioning

Now that’s a mouthful. This project was to completely replace the multiple, out-dated internal systems that the BBC uses to commission radio and TV shows, and production companies use to pitch ideas to, with a single, better system.
In a word

The challenge

The scope of this project was to a design a single, simplified solution to our many disparate and outdated commissioning tools and systems across Radio, TV and online.

It could streamline our internal processes for commissioning new shows and content, as well as make it easier and more accessible for show creators to pitch to the BBC.

How I approached it

  • performed a content audit of existing tools
  • led discovery sessions with commissioning colleagues to understand complex departmental and industry processes
  • crafted UI, instructional and microcopy for both internal and external-facing systems
  • led usability testing of the new tool with commissioning colleagues
  • gained senior stakeholder buy-in to make sure colleagues would support the shift towards plain, universally understandable language

The result

Due to the scale of the organisational impact this project would have, design and development still continues today.

But before I left the team, we reached sign-off on all of the system’s content. And by working closing with the User Experience Architect, we reached agreement with stakeholders to change the contentious names of several workflows across the different systems to one consistent taxonomy.

Where next?

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